We all need it, a lot of us don't get it, we crave it, some partners want more than others, some of us require it in the day. Any idea?

...No! Not THAT...we are talking about SLEEP of course! Are you getting enough Zzzzzzzz's?? Do you feel like you need more currently too?!


Do you feel sluggish, groggy, brain foggy...we feel brain cells are escaping us by the minute and going into another little lockdown never to return. Replaced by constant sleepiness. The way in which we used to live our lives has transformed and that can take a toll on our sleep and how we feel each day. It seems like the only bags we are packing are the ones under our eyes. 


When we get excited about an early night (nope, not that kind) our brains magically wait for our heads to hit the pillow, and THEN it comes...all of it. All of those things we remember we should have done, want to do, will not get round to do, pressure of what others are doing, work emails, little niggles, and so it goes on...'nope not tonight. Tonight's sleep is cancelled'.

Good sleep may have currently taken a sabbatical hopefully to one day return, but if you are reading this in a blurry eyed, knackered and totally useless exhausted state then we hope this will bring you a bit of light relief and maybe a few tweaks may send you off into a blissful slumber.


We are not experts in this field but we do read and listen to a lot on this subject. Weirdly, it fascinates us (I know, right?)


Reset’s REST and RESET recommendations; 


It can take as little as 6 minutes of reading to calm your mind and muscles in preparation to sleep (and reduce stress levels) - obviously be warned that reading Biff, Chip and Kippers adventures to your 5 year old may not have the same effect. BOOK recommendations - 'American Dirt' by Jeanine Cummins; 'The Family Upstairs' by Lisa Jewell; 'Where the Crawdads Sing' by Delia Owens; 'Normal People' by Sally Rooney - totally brilliant.


Light a candle - if you’re anything like us you may have approximately 257 candles at home but that's still not enough. Our favourites are ‘Pure Thoughts’ soy wax candles and Sarah Ireland candles, both unbelievably beautiful fragrances - light these for just YOU - men and kids never embrace candles like we do. www.purethoughts.co.ukwww.sarah-ireland.com.


Ditch the Zoom and treat yourself to a bath. Throw in some magnesium flakes. A magnesium-rich bath will help promote relaxation and soothe tired muscles. A bath or shower about 90 mins before bed will raise your body temperature and then reduce it in enough time, paving the way for a good night's sleep.


Nourish - experts suggest that sometimes the night waking is due to low blood sugar and a surge of adrenaline that wakes you (could have done with a dose of you in the day mate!) and will probably keep you awake for a few hours in the night. Having a snack about an hour or so before bed time of foods containing tryptophan (an amino acid) could help aid sleep - think bananas, almonds, turkey lettuce, cherries, cheese, pineapple (almost a sandwich combo right there). 

Lack of sleep increases the hormone GHRELIN (think of it as a gremlin) which is the hunger hormone - resulting in junk food craving, the need for heavy duty carbs, and sweet sugary stuff. Reset recipe cards attached to try and satisfy that sweet niggle.

Reset brand discovery alert -  'Ancient & Brave' (we are definitely one of the two) - gorgeous cacao hot choccy, MCT oil - loads of beneficial products/supplements for us. www.ancientandbrave.earth


Podcast Our more sleep focused recommendations are Women's Health Going for Goal podcast 'how to make the most of mornings' episode (with guest sleep scientist Sophie Bostock) and Get Sleepy podcast (aiding sleep by telling stories).


Pop those iPhones away come wine-o'clock (we all know we need phone/laptop-free time before bed, but honestly try it) and watch something with a bit of everything - 'Dead to Me' (Netflix) has it all (2 series worth).


Move - exercise can be really beneficial for energising us, it doesn't have to be intense - even a walk can awaken you. For something a bit more energetic, try a HIIT class. Did someone say burpee?  


Lastly....one in six couples now sleep in separate rooms due to sleep issues - just saying. (If that is not a option, a flick or a pinch to a snoring partner is surely acceptable. These are difficult times).


The following may give you some interesting info...or send you to sleep - either way it's a win win. 

Leading expert in nutritional health for women, Marilyn Glenville has a useful site on all things including hormones www.marilynglenville.com; Sleep scientist Sophie Bostock www.thesleepscientist.com; Matthew Walker's book, 'Why We sleep'; The Sleep Council www.sleepcouncil.org.uk.

(We would always recommend you go and see your GP with any chronic sleep issues).