This week we talk FOOD. Even the fridge is saying 'oh god, what NOW?!' Maybe you're the one that cooks for everyone else and can't be bothered to do your own, or perhaps you love a slower pace of life allowing you more time to plan and cook meals or bake, OR you're at a loss, what evens quantifies as healthy anymore?!...whatever it may be we're here offering easy to do, throw together nutritious meals.



We're not here to preach or tell you what you should be eating because some days we don't care and do what we need to in order to get through it and others we're like dogs just roaming the house for any food we can find...but we all know that food can determine our day and even effect our mood. it can sometimes take as little as a couple of meals to get you back on track. 


...step up nutrition queen, Francesca Moore. Dorset based nutritional therapist Fran has created more recipes than you've heard the word 'unprecedented'. We work with Fran on our 'Reset & Cleanse' food delivery programme which we hope to re-launch in the Autumn. She has created this wonderful salad combo, taken from her Spring CLEANSE (to find out more about her targeted cleanses go to check out her website at



Packed full of gut loving, skin nourishing, immune supporting goodness. Watermelon seeds contain the full spectrum of essential amino acids, so combined with the feta and mixed toasted seeds this salad is protein rich, plenty of healthy fats with plant based fibre and carbs. It is packed full of health giving micro + phytonutrients and bio-active compounds (you don't need to know what it means - it's just pure goodness. YUM)