We've got the fab ladies from The Mum Club (TMC) as our guest bloggers. This club keeps it real - they are refreshing, reassuring, no bullshit. Anyone welcome especially if you're feeling more Nanny Pcphee than Mary Poppins.


The low down....

TMC is a space for Mums, both online and running nationwide events. Set up in 2016 by Lauren Webber and Jessica Lawes they bring mums together with support, humour, fashion, beauty and so much more. Whilst you look after your families The Mum Club will look after you.

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1. How have you found the last year - personally and business wise?

Interesting. It’s probably the only answer we can give without cry-laughing. No, in all honesty the last 6 months have been pretty great for us, both personally and professionally so we cannot complain. Business wise we have really been able to focus on our online platform and personally the boys are around a lot more for childcare! Win. 

2. What were your reasons for starting TMC?


There are a combination of reasons, which all came from a genuine need so that has made building the business much easier as we are our very own target market. When we first became mums we’d go to these baby classes, and whilst our babies (who cannot walk, talk or communicate) had a wonderful time and had been fully entertained...we came out not having spoken to anyone, and if we’re honest feeling like we’d lost a bit of who we used to be before we were mums. Babies really find entertainment in very little ways and we thought it was much more important that mums were stimulated and social on a morning to fill her cup so she could be the best version of herself for her baby. That and we both move a lot, moving away from support networks and family so we wanted to create a space that mums who didn’t know each other could build their own villages from.

3. Anything surprised you most about setting up a business?


Everything. We are constantly learning, everyday. There isn’t a day that ends without a learning. I think one of the most important things we’ve learnt is that anyone can do it...you just need to do it!


4. What's your idea of the perfect day/evening?


Probably an entire day completely immersed in our families. One where we have consciously decided not to work and to be really present. It makes us feel really good to take that time. Other than being on a beach in Bora Bora drunk with all our best mates that is...

5. Biggest and best bit of advice for new mums / what do you wish you knew or had on offer in hindsight?


Pay for the help that you need, if you can afford it. You can do anything, but not everything. Get a cleaner, get your ironing done, order in the Cook meals, get a babysitter you trust and use them in the day, get a night nurse if you want! Just do what you need to do to survive. It's easy to say ‘just try and enjoy it’ but you don’t the first time round. Not as much as you should anyway. So our advice is to not put it all on yourself. It doesn’t make you fail, it makes you win. 


6. What do you do to relax/look after your own wellbeing?


We give ourselves routine, like we do our kids. We know who is doing what when and then we take the weekend off to do what we said but above all be present with our families. It’s important for us, and for the business that we take time off to reflect. Starting your own business is brilliant but if you don’t set your own down time you’ll never take it. I (Lauren) took my work emails off of my phone last year and it’s changed my life. Now I work when I've allocated the time to do so. You soon realise people don’t need answering right away. 


That, and we both work out...Sanity over vanity...but it's a nice second! 


7. What do you wish was easier in our society to make a new mums life easier


There are a lot of things. It blows our mind how much mothers have been pushed into a corner. But the key conversations are starting to happen which is really brilliant but there is still a long way to go.  Breastfeeding in public, flexible Working, hyperemesis gravidarum, miscarriage the list goes on and on. There are lots of stigmas to be pulled down.

8. Number one can't live without item




9. What does a typical day in the life of TMC look like?


We usually wake with a message from each other. But our days start with our babies, getting them sorted breakfast, washed dressed, schools/ nursery. We then check in at 9am with each other and our team and then we’re in meetings planning, prepping, until 3pm when it's school pick up time. We clock off to be with the kids and then clock back on after dinner once they are in bed. It's all about balancing. The beauty of having two of us is that if one is caught up the other can pick it up. We work well as a team and have always made communication with each other our priority. Everyone then knows what the other is doing. But of course no day is the same, sometimes we are running baths, balancing babies and on important meetings to our accountant. It's just part of the juggle. 


10. Do you follow any particular fitness regime?


Jess has a PT who she sees a few times a week. I (Lauren) work out at home. I use the Peloton App and have a bike. So I mix rides with their Hiit classes. We do what we can when we can but we both love it and try really hard to make time for it.


THANK YOU to Lauren and Jess!!

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